45-year-old Lekan Akinyemi has been arrested for a disturbing ritualistic crime. Akinyemi stands accused of exhuming a corpse and severing its head for ritual purposes in the Car Wash area of the state. This horrifying incident has sent shockwaves through the community, sparking outrage and fear among residents.

I Bathed With Human Head For A Month, Suspect Confesses

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The arrest occurred on the afternoon of Monday, June 24, when the Divisional Police Officer in charge of the Adatan Division acted on a tip-off. The macabre discovery came to light when Nojeem Balogun reported unusual activities at his late father’s gravesite in Isale Itoko, Abeokuta. On the morning of Sunday, June 23, around 8 a.m., one of Balogun’s siblings noticed something amiss at their father’s grave.

Rushing to the scene, Balogun found the grave desecrated and, to his horror, the head of his father’s corpse had been brutally chopped off. The distraught family immediately contacted the police, triggering a swift investigation. The police, led by the determined Divisional Police Officer, uncovered clues that pointed directly to Akinyemi.

SP Omolola Odutola, the spokesperson for the police command, provided a detailed account of the investigation. According to her statement, the suspect was identified through diligent police work and community cooperation. The discovery of Akinyemi’s involvement shocked the neighborhood, as he had been seen frequenting the area around the gravesite in recent days.

Further inquiries revealed that Akinyemi had meticulously planned the gruesome act, targeting the grave for its ritualistic significance. When apprehended, Akinyemi reportedly confessed to the crime, claiming that he believed the human head would grant him supernatural powers.

The case, now in the spotlight, will be handed over to the Anti-Robbery unit for a thorough investigation. The authorities plan to transfer it to the State Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to ensure that every aspect of this horrific crime is examined.