Governor Alex Otti of Abia State has emphasized that people have the right to mourn their deceased loved ones and assured that the government is actively working to ensure that students currently taking the West African Examination Council (WAEC) exams in the state are not adversely affected.

The Governor however, expressed his administration’s stance of non-confrontation with the promoters of the May 30 sit-at-home event, which commemorates those who lost their lives during the Nigerian civil war. The Governor’s approach signifies a commitment to preserving peace and respecting the rights of citizens to commemorate the historical significance of the war.

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Abia State Governor Declares Non-Confrontation Stance on May 30 Sit-at-Home Promoters

He underscored that the administration is focused on ensuring peace in Abia State and avoiding unnecessary confrontation with those advocating for the sit-at-home event. He assured the public that efforts are being made to ensure that students can write their exams without any disruptions, while also revealing that certain measures being implemented may not be publicly disclosed.

Acknowledging the historical significance of the war and the emotional impact of the genocidal events, Governor Otti emphasized that the government is handling the situation with wisdom and diplomacy. Speaking through his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Mr. Ferdinand Ekeoma, Governor Otti highlighted the government’s engagement with schools to safeguard the academic interests of the WAEC candidates, aiming to prevent any disruption to the exams.

While refraining from politicizing the issue, the Governor emphasized the importance of allowing people to observe the moment of honor for the war victims, outlining the government’s discreet measures to maintain peace in the state. By prioritizing the academic welfare of students and emphasizing diplomacy in handling the sit-at-home event, the administration aims to navigate the sensitive situation with prudence and ensure a peaceful environment in Abia State.

This stance aligns with the Governor’s emphasis on upholding the rights of citizens while also prioritizing the academic well-being of students amidst the observance of the significant historical event. The government’s discrete measures and focus on diplomacy reinforce its dedication to maintaining peace and stability in Abia State.