The Synod of the All Nations Evangelism Ministries (ANEM) has expressed its full support for the Nigerian Senate’s proposed legislation aimed at resolving the longstanding conflict between farmers and herders.

During the Word of Faith Ministers convention held at the Faith Cathedral in Makurdi, Chairman of the Synod and President of the Christian Association of Clergies (CAC), Most Rev. Dr. Yimam Orkwar, announced the Synod’s endorsement of the initiative and called on all Nigerians to rally behind it.

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According to the Synod, the ban on open grazing, establishment of ranches, and the creation of a commission to regulate and oversee these ranches are long overdue. The Synod emphasizes that this task should be approached with a strong sense of patriotism, equity, and fairness.

Recognizing the challenges faced by Nigerians in the current economic climate, the Synod challenged the Federal Government to take decisive actions to alleviate the suffering of its citizens. It stressed that President Bola Tinubu must urgently address the need for a better standard of living for the people.

In a Communique signed by Most Rev. Orkwar and issued after the meeting, the Synod cautioned against allowing sectional interests to overshadow the ongoing calls for restructuring in the Nigerian Federation. It urged all Nigerians, especially the political class, to seek a balanced approach that addresses the concerns and interests of different regions of the country.

The Synod also appealed to the government to address the plight of over two million Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in various camps in Benue State and other parts of the country, facilitating their safe return to their ancestral homes.

Expressing deep concern over the recent killings of six of its members in Gwer West Local Government Area by alleged armed herders, the Synod called on the government to fulfill its responsibility of ensuring the security and safety of its citizens.

It emphasized that without security, infrastructural development loses its meaning, as citizens cannot enjoy its benefits.

The Synod acknowledged the efforts made by Governor Hyacinth Alia’s administration in combating armed banditry in the Sankara axis of Benue State and urged for further strengthening of the security architecture in the area.