In Anambra State, a prominent member of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Mr. Pope Amaefuna, has issued a caution to the party about the potential consequences of fielding a candidate from outside the southern senatorial zone in the upcoming elections. During an interview with journalists in Awka, Amaefuna emphasized that deviating from the established zoning formula could disrupt the political equilibrium and likely result in the APC’s defeat in the 2025 gubernatorial race.

He highlighted that Anambra State’s political landscape has benefited from a zoning principle that ensures stability, equity, and fairness. This principle, acknowledged by major political parties, has been reflected in the candidate selection for over a decade. Amaefuna pointed out, “The politics of Anambra State has enjoyed relative stability, equity and fairness, thanks to the adoption of the zoning principle.”

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Governor Chukwuma Soludo, currently serving his first term, is from the southern zone. Amaefuna argued that for the APC to break free from its opposition status in the state, it must support a candidate from the same zone in the next election. He warned, “If the APC makes the mistake of failing to field a strong and popular candidate from Anambra south in favour of parading a candidate from any other zone, then it is safe to kiss the governorship aspirations of the party goodbye.”

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Amaefuna also criticized those within the party who advocate against zoning, suggesting they have ulterior motives and could cause the party to lose the election. “The proponents and advocates of no zoning should be wary of what they preach as they risk swallowing their own vomit,” he said.

He further explained that historical evidence supports the necessity of adhering to the zoning principle for electoral success. “Any party that did not abide by the zoning formula adopted by stakeholders in rotation of the governorship seat of the state stands no chance of winning the forthcoming guber poll,” Amaefuna stated.

He concluded by urging the APC to unite and support a capable candidate from Anambra South, identifying internal saboteurs who might compromise the party’s chances. “APC cannot continue to betray its own candidates. It is time to come together, cage the white elephant in the room and make a strong statement in 2025,” he added.