Olatunbosun Oyintiloye, a prominent member of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has expressed his support for the timely release of the N260 billion Primary Healthcare Centres (PHCs) revitalization fund by the Federal Government.

In light of the recent cholera outbreak in the country, Mr. Oyintiloye emphasizes the importance of well-equipped PHCs to address the situation effectively.

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During a conversation with journalists in Osogbo, Mr. Oyintiloye highlights the significant challenges faced by many PHCs across the country, including inadequate equipment, poor conditions of service, and a lack of essential drugs.

He believes that the revitalization fund is a crucial opportunity to address these issues and provide essential healthcare services.

The Coordinating Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Prof Muhammad Pate, has announced that the N260 billion has been allocated for the revitalization of PHCs nationwide.

Mr. Oyintiloye appeals to state governors to utilize the funds wisely and not divert them from their intended purpose. He stresses the need to equip PHCs to combat the spread of cholera and other diseases, especially considering the recent death toll reaching 40.

Commending the plans to expand PHCs from 8,300 to 17,000 through the National Primary Health Care Development Agency and enhance their functionality, Mr. Oyintiloye also expresses concern about the potential diversion of the already available funds at the state level. He urges President Bola Tinubu to implement strict measures to ensure the effective utilization of the funds in tackling disease outbreaks.

Mr. Oyintiloye acknowledges President Tinubu’s commitment to prioritizing the health of Nigerians through the release of the N260 billion for the revitalization of dilapidated PHCs.

However, he emphasizes the critical need to prevent the diversion of funds by governors during this crucial period of the cholera outbreak. With PHCs currently in a state of disrepair, Mr. Oyintiloye implores governors to act responsibly and utilize the funds appropriately to address the scourge of the outbreak.

As a member of the defunct APC Presidential Campaign Council, Mr. Oyintiloye emphasizes that improving the poor health indices in Nigeria requires prioritizing and enhancing PHC facilities to withstand sudden disease outbreaks like cholera.

He also calls on Nigerians to cultivate habits of cleanliness, particularly when the country does not have sufficient vaccines against the disease, according to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control.

Additionally, Mr. Oyintiloye emphasizes the importance of government-led education on hand washing and discouraging open defecation as preventive measures.