The All Progressives Congress (APC) Elders Forum in Anambra State recently held a meeting in Awka to discuss the issue of zoning in the upcoming governorship elections, particularly the 2025 guber poll.

The chairman of the forum, Chief Innocent Obi, emphasized the importance of adhering to the zoning arrangement, which has been agreed upon by all political parties. He warned that anyone who attempts to undermine the zoning arrangement would be taking a significant risk.

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Chief Obi, speaking on behalf of the elders from all 21 local government areas of the state, assured that they are actively mobilizing at the grassroots level in preparation for the forthcoming gubernatorial election. The elders strongly believe that the zoning to Anambra South should be regarded as sacrosanct.

According to Chief Obi, there was an agreement among the political parties in Anambra State regarding the zoning arrangement, similar to what was done in Imo State.

He emphasized the importance of upholding agreements, whether they are formal or informal, and highlighted that deviating from the zoning arrangement could have consequences, as seen in the 2022 election when a party that disregarded zoning suffered as a result.

The elders acknowledged that the final decision lies with the party, but they expressed their hope that the party will respect the existing arrangements. They believe that those who have already had their turn should step aside, and it is now time for the candidate from the South to take the lead. The elders feel that the South has already served its fair share and should be given an additional four years.

Mr. Okey Chukwuogo, another elder who spoke at the event, noted that the zoning tradition was initiated by former governor Mr. Peter Obi.

He highlighted that the zoning arrangement was presented to various stakeholders, including town unions and traditional rulers, all of whom endorsed the system.

Therefore, he argued that it is undeniable that Anambra State is indeed zoned, and he emphasized that power is not simply given but must be taken.

Ultimately, the APC Elders Forum in Anambra State is urging all political parties to respect the agreed-upon zoning arrangement and ensure a fair and equitable distribution of power in the upcoming governorship elections.