This afternoon, a motorcyclist was involved in an accident with a herd of cows on the Jos-Bukuru Expressway, leading to significant traffic delays and concerns over road safety.

The incident occurred around 2:00 PM when a motorcyclist, identified as Zaki, was traveling at a moderate speed along the busy expressway.

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Eyewitnesses reported that a group of cows, seemingly unattended, wandered onto the road, causing the sudden collision. Zaki, unable to swerve in time, collided with several of the animals.

Passersby and other motorists quickly rushed to the scene to provide assistance. Zaki sustained injuries and was immediately transported to the hospital where he is currently receiving treatment.

According to medical staff, he is in stable condition but will require observation and possible surgery for an ankle injury.

The accident led to a temporary blockade of the expressway as authorities worked to clear the animals and ensure the safety of other motorists.

The cows appeared to belong to a local herder who arrived shortly after the incident. The herder, whose identity has not been disclosed, is cooperating with the police investigation.

The police have advised drivers to exercise caution, especially in areas where livestock are known to roam, and are considering additional signage and barriers to reduce such risks.

Further updates on Zaki’s condition and any potential charges against the herder will be provided as the investigation continues.