The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has voiced its worries about the return of suicide bombings in Nigeria. They are concerned about the danger these attacks pose to the people and their way of life.

UPDATE: 6 dead in Maiduguri market attack -- Police | Premium Times Nigeria

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Recently, there were suicide bombings in Gwoza, Borno state. Many people lost their lives, and many more were hurt. Because of this, CAN is very worried.

Archbishop Daniel Okoh, the President of CAN, spoke out on Wednesday. He said these violent acts remind us of how terrible terrorism is and why we all need to work together to fight it.

He said, “The attacks in Gwoza show us that terrorism is a threat to everyone. Innocent people died, and it could have been anyone’s family member, friend, or neighbor. We all need to stand together to condemn this evil and support our security forces who are trying to protect us.”

The Archbishop praised the security forces for their hard work in trying to stop terrorism. He encouraged them to keep going and said that any help to prevent more suicide attacks is needed.

He also warned that if we relax our efforts, the situation could get worse, affecting innocent lives, places of worship, and other large gatherings. He called on the government to work harder to ensure the safety of all citizens, especially those in vulnerable areas.

He urged religious leaders and all Nigerians to unite against terrorism and violence. He encouraged promoting peace, love, and harmony. He reminded everyone that we are not alone in this fight and that we stand with all those affected by terrorism.

He prayed for God’s comfort and strength for the families who lost loved ones. He asked for unity in the quest for peace and security. He said, “We will continue to support our security forces and work together to build a safer and more peaceful Nigeria for everyone.”