In the wake of Heritage Bank’s license revocation, which led to the closure of all its branches nationwide, rumors have surfaced regarding the potential revocation of licenses for Unity, Polaris, and Keystone banks. However, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has firmly denied these claims.

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Responding to the speculation, the CBN clarified that it has no intentions of terminating the licenses of Unity, Polaris, and Keystone banks. The apex bank addressed the issue in a tweet on Tuesday, June 4, stating, “The content is fake and not from the CBN.”

The rumors emerged shortly after the CBN decided to revoke Heritage Bank’s license, which has caused widespread concern among bank customers and stakeholders. The closure of Heritage Bank’s branches has heightened anxiety about the stability of other financial institutions in Nigeria.

Despite the recent turmoil, the CBN reassured the public of the soundness and stability of the country’s banking sector. The bank’s statement aimed to dispel fears and restore confidence among depositors and investors.

As the situation develops, the CBN continues to monitor the banking landscape to ensure the protection of customer interests and the overall health of the financial system. The bank has urged the public to rely on official channels for accurate information and to disregard unverified reports.