As the debate over the new minimum wage continues, Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka has urged the Federal Government to approach the issue with caution and fairness. The popular Catholic priest criticized the generous allowances given to legislators, suggesting that they should also receive the proposed N62,000 national minimum wage.

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Mbaka argued that senators, governors, and members of the House of Representatives are also civil servants and should not receive extravagant allowances while others struggle. He emphasized that teachers, nurses, doctors, and other civil servants who work hard daily deserve fair compensation.


The cleric warned that the situation could be hijacked and have unforeseen consequences if not handled carefully. He urged the government to consider the level of inflation and the suffering of ordinary Nigerians, pleading for a realistic approach to the minimum wage issue.


Father Mbaka’s comments come as the Federal Government and labour Unions negotiate a new minimum wage. Labour unions demand N250,000, while the government proposes N62,000. The cleric’s call for fairness and caution resonates with many Nigerians who feel frustrated with the country’s economic challenges.


Father Mbaka’s words serve as a reminder that fairness and compassion are essential in addressing the minimum wage issue. The government must consider the plight of all Nigerians, not just legislators, to find a solution that works for everyone. By doing so, we can avoid potential crises and build a more equitable society.