Rappers Common and Drake had a short-lived disagreement in the early 2010s, exchanging barbs on tracks like “Sweet” and “Stay Schemin’.” However, their tension was resolved with a surprising intervention.

On the Drink Champs podcast with Pete Rock, Common discussed the situation and how an unexpected figure helped them make amends.

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According to Common, he and Drake eventually came face-to-face at the 2012 Grammy Awards. “We exchanged a few words,” he said, referring to the encounter around the 34:18 mark in the episode.

“Then, Drake’s father happened to be there and intervened, suggesting they squash the beef.”

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Common explained that he respected the elder’s request and decided to move on. Drake also confirmed he wasn’t interested in continuing the tension.

Common elaborated on the origin of the disagreement, mentioning that he suspected Drake was directing “subliminal disses” towards him after Drake began dating Common’s ex-girlfriend, Serena Williams.

“I sensed some jabs coming my way, and to be honest,” Common said, “dating someone you used to be with can create tension. That’s just how it goes sometimes. But I wouldn’t have started anything if it wasn’t for those indirect shots.”

Common referenced a 2012 interview with Cabbie Richards where he spoke about resolving the issue with Drake.

“We had a man-to-man conversation,” Common said. “It was a positive exchange that definitely increased my respect for him. I already knew he was talented, but our talk made me admire him even more.

It was a situation rooted in hip-hop culture, a battle resolved through words and respect. We shook hands, ended the tension, and there were no hard feelings.”