In a recent development, Timi Frank, a former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has expressed his apprehension regarding the conduct of the Senate president, Godswill Akpabio.

Frank has cautioned Akpabio against provoking a situation akin to the Kenyan-style uprising within the country.

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Responding to Akpabio’s statement regarding the parliament’s willingness to approve a new presidential aircraft if required, Frank emphasized that such remarks were highly condescending and demeaning.

Frank highlighted the crucial role of the parliament as a check and balance on the executive branch.

He stated that Akpabio’s decision to influence and encourage executive expenditures, regardless of the economic hardships faced by taxpayers, deviates from this fundamental responsibility.

The political activist firmly asserted that while Akpabio may choose to align himself closely with President Bola Tinubu, it is imperative that he does not diminish the National Assembly to a mere rubber stamp for the executive.

According to Frank, “Despite his audacious disregard for legislative procedures, his choice of words at times disrespectfully undermines our democracy, belittles Nigerians, and mocks the revered chambers of the National Assembly.”

Frank further added, “Akpabio may choose to be President Bola Tinubu’s ardent supporter, but he must refrain from granting anticipatory approvals for executive requests yet to be presented, thereby justifying their validity.”

Frank emphasized the importance of Akpabio staying within the confines of his constitutional role by diligently scrutinizing money bills before the Senate.

This would help prevent wasteful spending and profligacy. Additionally, he urged Akpabio to refrain from condescending remarks towards Nigerians and taxpayers, who are the rightful owners of the office he currently holds.

Frank underscored that the age of an aircraft does not directly determine its safety or airworthiness. Aircraft undergo regular maintenance and inspections to ensure their safe operation, irrespective of their age.

Hence, the question arises: what happened to the approximately N214 billion allocated in annual budgets for the maintenance of the Presidential Fleet from 1999 till date?

Furthermore, Frank cautioned Akpabio to be mindful of the recent uprisings in Senegal, which led to the election of 44-year-old opposition leader Bassirou Diomaye Faye, and the ongoing unrest in Kenya.

In Kenya, youths stormed the parliament to hinder the consideration of an anti-people Finance Bill, resulting in casualties caused by security forces. This incident has sparked a call for the resignation of President William Ruto, despite his swift withdrawal of the Bill.