In a significant political development, the Cross River State House of Assembly has unanimously passed a vote of confidence in Speaker Elvert Ayambem. This decisive action took place during a plenary session on Tuesday, following a motion put forward by Cyril James Omini, the representative for Yakurr 1 State Constituency. The motion was seconded by Kingsley Ntui, representing Etung State Constituency, and received unanimous support from all legislators present.

Omini emphasized the importance of restoring order within the assembly to bolster the state governor’s initiatives aimed at the growth and development of Cross River State. He articulated that this vote of confidence is a clear demonstration of the members’ collective commitment to raising the standard of living for the residents of Cross River State. According to him, this unanimous vote represents a unified front among the legislators in their efforts to support Governor Bassey Otu’s governance and developmental agenda for the state.

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“The decision to pass a vote of confidence on Speaker Ayambem is a testament to our dedication to good governance and the advancement of our state,” Omini remarked during the session. He further stated that the lawmakers’ decision underscores their loyalty and readiness to work cohesively with the governor to achieve tangible progress for the people of Cross River State.

This vote of confidence comes in the wake of a significant crisis that erupted in the state parliament on May 22, when 17 out of the 25-member assembly moved to impeach Speaker Ayambem over allegations of financial misappropriation. The impeachment attempt led to heightened tensions and instability within the legislative body. However, the recent unanimous vote signifies a resolution to the discord that had plagued the assembly since May 24, 2024.

The legislators’ decision to back Speaker Ayambem is seen as a strategic move to mend the rift and restore functionality within the house. This development is expected to bring much-needed stability to the legislative processes in Cross River State. It also signals the lawmakers’ collective intent to move past internal conflicts and focus on their legislative duties and responsibilities.

For many observers, this turn of events highlights the intricate dynamics of political maneuvering and the importance of unity in governance. The passage of the vote of confidence not only strengthens Speaker Ayambem’s position but also reflects a broader consensus among the legislators to align with Governor Otu’s vision for the state. It marks a pivotal moment where the assembly has chosen to put aside differences for the greater good of their constituents.

As the dust settles, the focus now shifts to how the assembly will leverage this renewed sense of unity to drive forward key legislative agendas. The expectation is that with the crisis resolved, the lawmakers will work more collaboratively to support the governor’s policies and initiatives aimed at fostering economic growth and improving the welfare of the citizens.

In conclusion, the unanimous vote of confidence in Speaker Elvert Ayambem by the Cross River State House of Assembly represents a significant step towards political stability and effective governance in the state.

It underscores the legislators’ commitment to unity and their readiness to support the governor’s developmental plans. This resolution is a hopeful indication that the assembly is poised to function more harmoniously, thereby enhancing its role in the governance and development of Cross River State.