Shot of a young couple having an argument in the bedroom at home

Dear Vee,

I’m really struggling to put into words how hurt I am right now. It’s like a deep wound that won’t heal. I never imagined I’d be caught up in such a messy situation of betrayal. You see, my sister had this whole secret romantic life going on. She was juggling multiple guys while being engaged to someone else. And now, I’ve been hurt in this whole mess. One of her ex-lovers, who was bitter and hurt, decided to seek revenge, and I ended up getting caught up because I had secretly dated him, too.

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When you fall in love, don't fall too far

My sister was never one to commit to just one person. She was playing her cards with four different suitors until one of them proposed to her. Once that happened, she dropped the other guys like hot potatoes. But one of those guys she dropped, who was head over heels in love with her, got really angry and wanted payback. And guess who got caught in the middle? Yours truly.

He made it clear that our relationship had to be super hush-hush, like very secretive. He showered me with gifts and insisted I keep him hidden from my “dangerous” friends. Over five months, I fell hard for him, even though I had some doubts from time to time. It really bothered me how he was always so distracted by his phone whenever we were together. It bothered me so much that I even considered hacking into it during our next getaway. Yeah, I know, it sounds crazy, but I was suspicious and scared.

One fateful night, while he was fast asleep beside me, I took a chance and snooped through his phone. And let me tell you, what I found shook me to my core. He was chatting with his friends, discussing his plan to play with my feelings, until he eventually dumped me. Can you believe it? There were even photos of me sleeping, with them cruelly labelling me as some naive fool in their conversations.

I found out that he was planning to propose to me on my upcoming birthday, all while pretending his love was real and plotting to destroy me emotionally. That shattered any feelings I had left about him. I emotionally withdrew, playing along while secretly plotting my escape.

Now I’m torn between wanting revenge and dealing with this heartache. How can I make him hurt the way he hurt me? How can I bruise his ego without getting hurt myself? Should I confront him and spill all the beans, or should I just silently reject his proposal and walk away, leaving him confused and full of regret?

The pain is so fresh, the betrayal cuts so deep, and finding closure seems impossible right now. What do you suggest I do ?