Popular media personality Denola Grey recently voiced his frustration with African parents who pressure their children into marriage. Speaking on a podcast on Wednesday, Denola articulated his concerns about the underlying issues in many marriages, describing them as rooted in “slavery” and pointing out the widespread unhappiness among couples, particularly from the older generation.

Denola emphasized his belief that marriage should be based on genuine love rather than mere tolerance. He said, “When will you marry? When will you fix your marriage? How about that? I don’t know why they are so obsessed with marriage because a lot of them are not in happy marriages, especially like the older generation.”

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He further elaborated on his stance, highlighting the societal expectations and pressures that often lead to unsatisfactory marital arrangements. “I’m like, so you want me to just meet someone, marry them, and just be managing them. Like, I hate slavery,” he added.

Denola’s comments reflect a growing sentiment among younger generations who seek meaningful and fulfilling relationships rather than conforming to traditional pressures. He stressed the importance of personal happiness and the need to challenge outdated norms that prioritize marriage over individual well-being.

By sharing his views, Denola hopes to inspire others to prioritize love and mutual respect in their relationships and to resist societal pressures that compromise their happiness.