In a surprising turn of events, the Deputy Governor of Kano State, Aminu Abdulsalam, has publicly apologized to the National Security Adviser (NSA), Nuhu Ribadu. The apology comes after Abdulsalam had previously accused Ribadu of assisting the dethroned Emir of Kano, Aminu Ado Bayero, in returning to the city.

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The controversy began when Abdulsalam claimed that Ribadu provided two aircraft for the return of the deposed emir. According to the deputy governor, “The National Security Adviser gave two jets to bring the dethroned emir to Kano and to bring him to the palace.” However, the office of the NSA swiftly denied this allegation, prompting Ribadu to seek legal redress against Abdulsalam for defamation of character.

Now, Abdulsalam has backtracked. He revealed that further investigation and information at his disposal have exonerated Ribadu. “We have been deeply misled into believing that the NSA was behind the happenings,” Abdulsalam stated. He acknowledged Ribadu’s integrity and devotion to duty, emphasizing that if Ribadu had been involved, he would have been forthright about it.

The Kano State Government is now extending an olive branch to the NSA. Abdulsalam assured Ribadu that they would continue to work together and cooperate in ensuring national security. Despite the political dynamics surrounding the crisis, the government aims for a logical conclusion.

The Kano Emirate Crisis has taken a surprising twist, with the deputy governor retracting his allegations against Ribadu. As the situation unfolds, all eyes remain on the unfolding drama within the Kano Emirate.