Roger Bonds, once a bodyguard for Diddy, has leveled new allegations against the music mogul. In an interview with VladTV, Bonds recounted an incident involving Cassie’s relationship with rapper Kid Cudi. According to Bonds, Diddy discovered the relationship after intercepting a phone call from Cudi on Cassie’s phone.

Attempting to confront Cudi at his home, Diddy found him absent. Bonds recalled, “I don’t know exactly what he said. I know that he went over to his house and Kid Cudi wasn’t there.”

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Following the discovery, Cassie’s presence around Diddy reportedly diminished, only to return later, which allegedly led to Diddy expressing his anger physically. Bonds claimed, “Diddy was upset,” and that he had beaten Cassie upon learning about the relationship.

Bonds also recounted an incident involving an employee named Capricorn, who was reportedly aware of the romance. Capricorn, who was one of Diddy’s personal assistants and often accompanied Cassie to her studio sessions, allegedly faced physical assault from Diddy due to the situation. Bonds claimed, “He put hands on Capricorn because of that situation. Capricorn ended up leaving and suing him for it. He paid Capricorn $450,000 to keep her mouth shut.”