David’s logistic manager, Israel DMW, recently confronted actress Iyabo Ojo regarding her decision to block him on WhatsApp. The incident took place during the wedding celebration of singer Davido on Tuesday, adding an unexpected twist to the festive event.

In a video that has since gone viral on social media, Iyabo Ojo can be seen enjoying herself on the dance floor when Israel DMW approached her. He directly asked her why she had blocked him on the messaging platform, a question that seemed to catch the actress off guard. Iyabo Ojo, surprised by the inquiry, insisted that she was not aware she had blocked him, suggesting it might have been unintentional.

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Despite the initial tension, the interaction ended on a positive note. Israel DMW, showing his respect and admiration, loudly praised Iyabo Ojo, calling her “Queen Mother.” The affectionate nickname broke the ice, and the two were seen sharing a warm hug. They then posed together for a photo, signaling that any potential misunderstanding was resolved amicably.

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This unexpected encounter at Davido’s wedding not only provided a moment of entertainment for onlookers but also highlighted the cordial relationships and playful interactions within the entertainment industry.