In a significant move to enhance traffic management standards in Abuja, Dr. Bello Abdulateef, the Director of the Federal Capital Territory’s Directorate of Road Traffic Services (DRTS), has called on newly promoted officers to adapt to international standards in traffic management. Speaking at the rank decoration ceremony for senior officers, Dr. Abdulateef emphasized the need for heightened efforts and commitment to ongoing improvements in the agency.

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Addressing the newly promoted officers, Dr. Abdulateef highlighted the evolving nature of the DRTS and its mission to streamline traffic management in the nation’s capital. He stressed the importance of the promotions, noting that the inclusion of more senior officers in the management team is crucial for the agency’s progress.

“The more men we have in the management team, the more we have credible decisions and evolution of the management. We need the cooperation, synergy, and resourcefulness of all staff to move DRTS forward,” he stated.

Dr. Abdulateef acknowledged the challenges that come with change, particularly in an evolving agency like DRTS. He pointed out that while change might seem difficult, it is inevitable and necessary for growth. “At times, if you are on the other side of change, you feel it was directed at hurting you but honestly, most of the changes are not designed to hurt anybody but to move DRTS to a new pedestal. If we don’t move, helplessness will move us. It is always better to confront our challenges. If we dodge, they will overwhelm us,” he explained.

He urged the newly decorated officers to fully commit to their roles and align with the agency’s vision of making traffic management in Abuja exemplary. Dr. Abdulateef’s call to action underscored the importance of dedication and the willingness to embrace new strategies to improve traffic flow and safety in the Federal Capital Territory.

Echoing the director’s sentiments, Mrs. Eze Ego, the Director of Finance, also addressed the promoted officers. She encouraged them to justify their new ranks through hard work, focus, and discipline. Mrs. Ego emphasized the importance of being good ambassadors for DRTS, urging the officers to display courtesy and professionalism in their duties. “Be good ambassadors of DRTS by applying courtesy and good mannerisms in the discharge of your duties,” she said.

The promotion of these officers comes at a time when the DRTS is striving to meet international standards in traffic management, reflecting the agency’s commitment to improving transportation in Abuja. The newly promoted officers are seen as pivotal in driving the changes necessary to achieve these standards.

As the DRTS continues to evolve, the agency’s leadership remains focused on fostering a cooperative and innovative environment. The call for increased resourcefulness and synergy among staff is aimed at ensuring that the DRTS can effectively address the challenges of traffic management in a rapidly growing city like Abuja.

The rank decoration ceremony served as a reminder of the significant role that dedicated and well-trained officers play in the success of the DRTS. With the support and active participation of its staff, the agency is poised to set new benchmarks in traffic management, making Abuja’s roads safer and more efficient for all users.

The DRTS is committed to improving traffic management standards in Abuja, with the newly promoted officers playing a crucial role in this mission.