Barrister Felix Alari, who recently parted ways with the All Progressives Congress (APC), claims that a vote for the APC would only serve to perpetuate the suffering experienced by the people, and he emphasized that the upcoming election would be a crucial opportunity for the electorate to convey their dissatisfaction with the present administration.

Alari has also asserted that the upcoming September 21 governorship election in Edo State will function as a referendum for the people to express their stance on the current state of affairs in Nigeria.

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Former APC Member Claims Party Has Conceded Defeat Ahead of Edo 2024 Governorship Election

In a statement released on Wednesday, Alari highlighted the significance of the Edo 2024 election, characterizing it as a pivotal moment for the people to express their discontent with the ruling party’s policies. He asserted that the prevailing sentiment among the populace is one of disillusionment and a fervent desire for change.

Alari alleged that the APC, realizing its lack of support, has already conceded defeat, acknowledging the widespread dissatisfaction with its governance. Furthermore, Alari accused the APC of relying on federal influence to manipulate the outcome of the election, insinuating that the party lacks genuine support from the populace. He condemned the party’s track record of impoverishing Nigerians and decried its inability to address the pressing issues facing the citizens.

Alari strongly criticized the APC, alleging that the party has subjected Nigerians to severe hardship and deprivation over the past decade. He maintained that it would be inconceivable for the people of Edo to cast their votes for a party that, in his view, has perpetuated the impoverishment of the populace.

Alari reiterated that a tour of Edo state would reveal the prevailing sentiment of the people, indicating that the electorate is resolute in their decision to reject the APC in the upcoming election. He confidently stated that the party has lost the confidence of the people and has nothing substantial to offer or campaign on.

Alari framed the Edo 2024 election as a critical juncture for the people to voice their grievances and demand a departure from the status quo. He underscored the widespread sentiment of disillusionment with the APC’s governance and expressed optimism that the electorate is poised to effect change through their votes.

The Edo 2024 election, as described by Alari, carries profound significance as a platform for the people to communicate their dissatisfaction and demand a departure from the prevailing hardships. It is a pivotal moment in which the electorate is poised to convey their collective rejection of the APC’s policies and assert their fervent desire for change.

Alari emphasized that Edo 2024 presents a unique opportunity for the electorate to convey their collective discontent and demand a departure from the prevailing hardships. He stressed that the upcoming election would serve as a referendum on the APC’s governance, and he expressed confidence that the people of Edo are unequivocal in their rejection of the party’s policies.