The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) has reiterated its commitment to prioritizing the education of the girl child, emphasizing its crucial role in driving sustainable development in Nigeria. This call was made during a recent ceremony to mark International Women’s Day in Agbor, Delta State, where the Commission urged governments at all levels to implement measures ensuring the girl child has access to quality education.

NDDC Advocates for Mandatory Education for Girl-Children in Niger Delta

Chairman of NDDC, Chiedu Ebie Esq., represented by Hon. John C. Aleh, Special Assistant, highlighted the significance of educating the girl child. He emphasized that empowering women through education enables them to succeed in all aspects of life, making them pivotal contributors to national development. Ebie’s remarks were echoed by various women who spoke at the event, commending the NDDC for its support in the fight for women’s education and empowerment.

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The guest speaker, Mrs. Ben Utalor Goziem, emphasized the importance of education for the girl child. She noted that a good education serves as a foundation for the girl child, equipping her with the skills and attributes necessary to navigate life’s challenges. Goziem urged governments to continue supporting the education of the girl child, as it is essential for her future and the nation’s overall development.

Another speaker, Mrs. Blessing Akachu, stressed the importance of women’s health and well-being. She advised women to prioritize physical exercise, regular medical check-ups, and a balanced diet to maintain their overall health. Akachu emphasized that women play diverse roles in society and must be healthy to fulfill these roles effectively.

The event also featured a call for the inclusion of more women at decision-making levels of government. The Coordinator of Abba Charity Foundation, Mrs. Charity Abba, urged governments to prioritize the inclusion of women in key decision-making positions. This move would not only promote gender equality but also ensure that women’s perspectives are represented in policy-making processes.

The ceremony was attended by several dignitaries, including the Executive Director of the Rural Electrification Agency (REA), Hon. (Engr) Doris Uboh, and the wives of former local government officials. The event was organized in conjunction with Abba Charity Foundation, highlighting the collaborative efforts of various organizations in promoting women’s education and empowerment.

The NDDC’s call for compulsory education for the girl child underscores the critical role that education plays in empowering women and driving sustainable development. By prioritizing the education of the girl child, governments can ensure that women are equipped to succeed in all areas of life, ultimately contributing to the nation’s overall progress. The NDDC’s commitment to this cause serves as a beacon of hope for the future of Nigerian women and girls, and it is crucial that all stakeholders join forces to support this initiative.