1. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has issued a warning to the general public regarding a plan by a shadowy group to incite a protest against the Commission. In a statement signed by its spokesperson, Dele Oyewale, the EFCC detailed how this group has been actively campaigning on social media platforms, recruiting impressionable young Nigerians, including students, to rally against the EFCC’s operations in recent days.

The EFCC highlighted that this insidious campaign is being promoted as a resistance movement against the Commission’s enforcement of cybercrime laws. The statement pointed out that the campaign’s goal is to undermine the EFCC’s efforts in tackling cybercrimes, which have become a significant concern in Nigeria.

“The Commission, while not averse to protests by citizens, is alarmed by emerging evidence that suggests a grand design by corrupt elements under investigation or prosecution by the Commission to exploit the so-called protest to orchestrate a national uprising that may threaten the peace and security of our dear nation,” the statement read. The EFCC emphasized that it recognizes the right of citizens to protest but is deeply concerned about the potential for this movement to be co-opted by individuals with ulterior motives, specifically those seeking to disrupt the Commission’s operations and evade justice.

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As a responsible law enforcement organization, the EFCC made it clear that it will not tolerate any breakdown of law and order, particularly around its office locations across Nigeria. “EFCC, working in concert with sister security agencies, is therefore taking necessary measures to deal with possible threats to the peace and security of Nigeria,” the statement continued. This proactive stance underscores the EFCC’s commitment to maintaining stability and ensuring that its operations are not hindered by orchestrated disruptions.

The EFCC also issued a heartfelt appeal to parents, guardians, and heads of tertiary institutions, urging them to take responsibility for ensuring that their wards are not manipulated into participating in this proxy war against the Commission. “The war being waged by the Commission against corruption and cybercrime is to protect the future of the youth of this country,” the statement added, stressing that the EFCC’s actions are aimed at securing a better future for Nigeria’s young population.

The Commission’s statement further warned that if Nigeria continues to be perceived globally as a hub for fraudulent activities, the future prospects of its youth will be significantly jeopardized. The EFCC’s fight against corruption and cybercrime is, therefore, not only about upholding the law but also about protecting the nation’s reputation.