During a gathering of tech enthusiasts from around the world, Elon Musk dropped a bombshell: he declared himself to be an alien. The event, called VivaTech and held in Paris, France, brings together startups in the tech industry. When asked by the host if there was any truth to the rumors that he might be from another planet, Musk, aged 52 and known for his companies Tesla, SpaceX, and X, laughed before confirming, “I am an alien – yes, I keep telling people I’m an alien. But nobody believes me.” Speaking through a webcam, Musk expressed his willingness to share any evidence of alien existence on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

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Although officially born in Transvaal, South Africa, in 1971, Musk holds citizenship in both the United States and Canada.

Continuing his discussion at the event, Musk shifted the focus to a more pressing concern: artificial intelligence (AI). He warned that AI poses a greater threat to humanity than extraterrestrial beings, suggesting that robots could potentially eliminate every job on Earth. “Probably none of us will have a job,” he stated. According to Musk, in the future, employment might become optional, with people engaging in jobs more as hobbies, as AI and robots would handle all necessary tasks and services.

Musk’s revelation about being an alien adds a quirky twist to his persona as a tech visionary. While it’s clear he was speaking tongue-in-cheek, his comments spark speculation and add an element of humor to the serious discussions about the future of technology and humanity. By highlighting the potential impact of AI on employment, Musk emphasizes the need for careful consideration and proactive measures to navigate the challenges posed by advancing technology.

The idea of jobs becoming hobbies may sound far-fetched, but Musk’s track record of innovation and disruption in various industries lends weight to his predictions. As automation continues to reshape the workforce, it raises questions about how society will adapt and thrive in an era of rapid technological change. Musk’s insights serve as a reminder of the importance of staying ahead of the curve and embracing innovation while also addressing the potential societal implications.

Musk’s remarks at VivaTech offer a blend of humor, insight, and foresight. Whether discussing his extraterrestrial origins or the future of AI, he sparks conversation and prompts reflection on the intersection of technology and humanity. As we navigate an increasingly complex and interconnected world, Musk’s perspective serves as a valuable catalyst for thought and action in shaping the future we want to create.