Award-winning software provider EMTECH has unveiled its latest innovation, Beyond Compliance, a groundbreaking software product that aims to transform the way Financial Service Providers (FSPs) manage regulatory compliance.

With a focus on automation and seamless efficiency, Beyond Compliance offers FSPs a comprehensive solution to navigate the complex landscape of regulatory requirements.

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Gone are the days of fragmented and manual compliance processes. Beyond Compliance provides users with a 360-degree view of their regulatory checklists and workflows, simplifying compliance tasks with ease.

By selecting their specific regulator or jurisdiction and providing a few details, FSPs can standardize and automate their compliance activities, ensuring business efficiency and sustainability.

In a world where fraud, digital identity theft, and money laundering are on the rise, the importance of robust risk management cannot be understated.

A recent McKinsey & Company report titled “The Future of the Payments Industry: How Managing Risk Can Drive Growth” highlights the need for service providers to enhance their risk management programs and improve regulatory compliance.

EMTECH’s Beyond Compliance addresses this need by offering an integrated compliance management platform that protects revenue and drives growth.

Carmelle Cadet, CEO and Founder of EMTECH emphasizes the necessity of rethinking compliance management to foster resilience and consumer protection.

With highly fragmented regulatory requirements and monitoring methods, an integrated platform like Beyond Compliance becomes an essential tool for survival and growth in the fintech industry.

Beta user Kwasi Ofei, Head of Compliance at Juni Payments, praises the product’s effectiveness in ensuring compliance with regulatory directives. Beyond Compliance offers a customizable solution that not only meets regulatory requirements but also delivers an exceptional user experience.

Steven Dickens, an analyst at Futurum Research, recognizes the significance of EMTECH’s Beyond Compliance for FSPs operating in multiple markets.

The software helps fintechs manage their compliance requirements, monitor their compliance status, and provide the level of regulatory visibility required by central banks and regulators.

EMTECH, known for its next-generation API-First Central-Banking Infrastructure, connects central banks to other regulators and financial service providers.

Their platforms facilitate regulatory data exchange, currency issuance, and currency movement in financial markets. As a market leader in modern central banking infrastructure, EMTECH leverages technology to create inclusive and resilient financial ecosystems.