Enugu State Governor, Peter Mbah, has unveiled a groundbreaking development that could potentially transform the power landscape of the state.

With President Bola Tinubu’s signing of the Electricity Act in June 2023, Governor Mbah views this as a golden opportunity to finally deliver on his campaign pledge of ensuring a continuous 24-hour power supply.

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In an exclusive interview, Governor Mbah expressed his enthusiasm, emphasizing the long-awaited nature of this momentous occasion.

He believes that the signing of the act marks a significant shift, allowing his administration to assess the state’s power deficit and address the inherent challenges hindering progress.

With electricity set to reach every nook and cranny of Enugu State, this promising development will undoubtedly attract new investments, enabling the government to tackle various obstacles head-on.

Governor Mbah elaborated on the newfound authority granted to the state, highlighting the devolution of electricity as a shared responsibility.

No longer confined to the exclusive purview of the federal government, Enugu State now possesses the legislative power to actively participate in the energy sector.

This transformative change has been made possible through the inclusion of electricity in the Concurrent Legislative List, providing a solid legal framework for the state’s involvement.

Taking swift action, the Enugu State Government swiftly formulated the Electricity Market Law, paving the way for the establishment of the Enugu Electricity Regulatory Commission.

This move aligns with the Act’s provisions, as it mandates each state to have its own regulatory body to oversee power distribution, taking authority from the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC).

Governor Mbah underscored the significance of this structural and legal groundwork, ensuring that the state is fully prepared to embark on this momentous endeavor.

He also reminded the people of Enugu State of his commitment during the campaign, where he promised to deliver uninterrupted power supply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Now, with the signing of the Electricity Act and the establishment of the Enugu Electricity Regulatory Commission, Governor Mbah and his administration have the means to assess the state’s power deficit and determine the necessary measures to provide electricity to every corner of Enugu State.

It is with great anticipation that Enugu State embarks on this transformative journey, as they pursue their vision of becoming a shining example of reliable and accessible power supply in Nigeria.