Former governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, has dismissed speculations about his defection to the All Progressives Congress (APC) and reaffirmed his unwavering commitment to the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

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Addressing his supporters in the Ekiti State capital, Ado Ekiti, Fayose emphasized his dedication to revitalizing the PDP and ensuring its success in the upcoming 2026 governorship election in the state.

On the matter of clarification of alleged defection,

Fayose firmly stated that he has not defected to the APC and urged PDP members to refrain from tarnishing his character with baseless allegations.

He emphasized his loyalty to the PDP and cautioned against indulging in divisive politics, encouraging party members to focus on promoting unity and peace within the party.

He has shown his support for Governor Oyebanji and the PDP. While acknowledging the accomplishments of Governor Biodun Oyebanji, Fayose expressed his satisfaction with the governor’s work in the state.

He commended Oyebanji’s humility and efforts to unite governors in the state, emphasizing that his support for the governor is not indicative of a political alliance.

Fayose reassured his supporters that when the time for the election arrives, he will engage in political competition with Governor Oyebanji, underlining his commitment to the PDP’s success in Ekiti State.

Fayose called for unity and urged PDP members to set aside factionalism and embrace a unified front to defeat the APC in the upcoming governorship election.

He pledged to support the party’s congresses in local government areas and emphasized his determination to contribute to the party’s success. Fayose urged party members to prioritize peace and collaboration, emphasizing the need to work together to secure victory in the state.

The former governor highlighted the need to address the leadership crisis within the PDP in Ekiti State, emphasizing the importance of closing ranks and discouraging divisions and factions within the party.

Fayose emphasized the significance of fostering a harmonious environment within the PDP to enhance the party’s electoral prospects and overcome the challenges posed by internal divisions.

Fayose expressed his resolve to campaign for the PDP and support the party’s candidates in the upcoming election.

He emphasized his determination to contribute to the development of the party, drawing from his experience as a prominent figure in Ekiti State politics.

Fayose underscored his intention to provide logistical support for PDP members during the election and affirmed his significance as a political force within the party.

Ayodele Fayose’s statements underscore his unwavering commitment to the PDP and his determination to play a pivotal role in revitalizing the party’s prospects in Ekiti State.

His emphasis on unity, peace, and collaboration within the PDP reflects his proactive approach to addressing internal challenges and ensuring the party’s success in the upcoming governorship election.

Fayose’s leadership and dedication to the PDP’s cause present a significant opportunity to foster a cohesive and formidable front that can effectively compete in the political landscape of Ekiti State.