In anticipation of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) congress in Benue State scheduled for August 31, two prominent chairmanship aspirants have officially thrown their hats into the ring. Former Chairman of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), Chief Patrick Ogbu, and party chieftain, Chris Abah, have formally declared their candidacies by picking up their nomination forms.

Both aspirants made personal appearances at the State Secretariat of the PDP in Makurdi to collect their forms, each valued at N1 million. This move signifies their serious commitment to leading the party in Benue State.

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Chief Patrick Ogbu, after obtaining his form, expressed his vision for the party’s future. He stated, “Let’s work together to build a party that we can all be proud of, a party that truly serves our community and makes a positive impact on our state and country. My aim is to foster unity and progress within the PDP, ensuring that our party remains a strong and influential force in Benue State and beyond.”

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On the other hand, Chris Abah highlighted the critical need for internal reforms within the PDP. He described the party as being in a “badly wounded” state, requiring urgent and comprehensive restructuring. “The PDP needs a surgical operation and total reorganisation to restore its former glory,” Abah remarked. He stressed the importance of internal democracy, stating that it is essential for the party’s survival and success. “We must ensure that the voices of our members are heard and respected. Internal democracy is the cornerstone of a vibrant and resilient party,” he added.

Former NTA chairman Ogbu

Both aspirants bring a wealth of experience and a clear vision for the future of the PDP in Benue State. Chief Ogbu’s background with the NTA and his call for community-focused progress resonate with many party members who seek a leader capable of uniting and inspiring the party base. Meanwhile, Chris Abah’s emphasis on internal reform and democratic processes addresses the concerns of those who feel that the party needs a fresh start to regain its footing.

As the congress date approaches, the campaigns of these two aspirants are expected to intensify, each presenting their strategies for revitalising the PDP in Benue State. Party members and supporters will be closely watching how these visions translate into action plans that can steer the party towards a successful future.

The upcoming congress is seen as a crucial moment for the PDP in Benue State, with significant implications for its political trajectory. The engagement of these aspirants reflects the dynamic and competitive nature of the party’s internal politics, and the outcome will likely shape the party’s strategies and fortunes in the state for years to come.