In a display of unity and dedication to the principles of democracy, former members of the National Assembly from Rivers State have come together to stress the importance of upholding the rule of law and prioritizing peace over personal interests in the state’s political landscape.

During a media briefing held in Port Harcourt after a meeting with Governor Siminalayi Fubara, the ex-lawmakers, who served in both the Senate and the House of Representatives during different periods, conveyed their message through a communique read by Bernard Mikko, a former House of Representatives member for Khana/Gokana.

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Rejecting calls for a state of emergency and any attempt to disregard the constitutional terms of elected council chairmen, Mikko emphasized the collective conviction of the group, regardless of their political affiliations.

He stated, “Regardless of our political affiliations, we stand united in our unwavering belief and conviction that the unity, peace, and progress of Rivers State are paramount and non-negotiable.”

Affirming their commitment to the rule of law, which ensures that no one, including the government, is above the law, the ex-lawmakers stressed the importance of justice, equality, and accountability for all. They also emphasized the need to respect the tenure of local government councils in accordance with the constitution.

While expressing confidence in the government’s ability to address any challenges that may arise, the former lawmakers deemed the calls for a state of emergency unwarranted. They expressed trust in the government’s capacity to maintain peace and stability in Rivers State.

The ex-lawmakers took the opportunity to commend Governor Similarly Fubara for his efforts in promoting peace and development in the state. They rejected any attempts to undermine the progress of Rivers State for personal gain and urged the people to reject and oppose such efforts. They called on all Nigerians to support Governor Sim Fubara’s initiatives and mandate, as affirmed by the Supreme Court of the land, without fear, favor, or distraction.

The former legislators emphasized that their intervention in the Rivers State political crisis was necessary as the situation was posing a threat to the peace and development of the state. They acknowledged the urgency of the moment and the need to speak up, stating, “This is one of those times in the life of our beloved state when silence is no longer golden.

We cannot in good conscience continue to play the ostrich when our hard-earned democracy, including the peace and stability of a state that has been built on the blood of heroes, is threatened. We are deeply troubled by the anxiety and hysteria in our state.”

Recognizing Rivers State as a vital economic hub of the nation, the former lawmakers emphasized the need to protect its peace and stability from siege and vowed to stand united in their pursuit of the rule of law, sustainable peace, and the overall development of the state.