In a distressing development, Musa Shuaibu, the Madaki of Shabu and a respected traditional title holder in Nasarawa State, has been abducted by unknown gunmen. The incident occurred on Thursday evening, shortly after Shuaibu had finished his prayers at a mosque located directly opposite his residence in Shabu, a suburb of Lafia, the state capital.

The Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Ramhan Nansel, confirmed the abduction to reporters who gathered at the scene. According to DSP Nansel, the abduction of the Madaki happened swiftly, causing alarm and concern among the local community and beyond. He assured that the police are leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to rescue the esteemed traditional leader and ensure the perpetrators are apprehended and brought to justice.

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“Shuaibu was abducted after observing prayers in a Mosque opposite his house in Shabu. We have launched an extensive operation aimed at his rescue and are doing everything within our power to track down and apprehend those responsible for this heinous act,” DSP Nansel stated. He further emphasized that the police are working closely with other security agencies to coordinate efforts and pool resources to facilitate a swift and successful rescue mission.

The abduction of Musa Shuaibu has sent shockwaves through the local community, with residents expressing their fear and outrage over the brazen act. Shuaibu, known for his leadership and dedication to the welfare of his community, has been a prominent figure in Shabu. His kidnapping not only represents a personal tragedy but also underscores the broader security challenges facing the region.

Local leaders and community members have rallied together, calling for increased security measures and a more robust response to the rising incidents of abductions and criminal activities. They have appealed to the state and federal governments to take urgent steps to enhance security and protect citizens from such threats.

In the wake of the abduction, there have been widespread calls for community vigilance and cooperation with law enforcement agencies. Residents have been urged to provide any information that could assist in locating the Madaki and identifying the kidnappers. Community leaders have also emphasized the importance of solidarity and support for Shuaibu’s family during this difficult time.

The abduction has also caught the attention of human rights organizations and advocacy groups, who have condemned the act and called for immediate action to address the security situation in Nasarawa State. They argue that the kidnapping highlights the urgent need for comprehensive security reforms and increased investment in law enforcement infrastructure.

In a statement, a representative of one such advocacy group said, “The abduction of the Madaki of Shabu is a stark reminder of the ongoing security challenges in our region. It is imperative that the government takes decisive action to protect its citizens and ensure that such incidents do not continue to occur with alarming regularity. We stand in solidarity with the family of Musa Shuaibu and the people of Shabu, and we call for his immediate and safe return.”

As efforts to rescue the Madaki continue, the local community remains on edge, hoping for a positive resolution to this distressing situation. The incident has sparked a broader conversation about security and the measures needed to safeguard communities from the threat of criminal activities.

For now, the focus remains on the safe return of Musa Shuaibu and the swift apprehension of those responsible for his abduction. The collective efforts of law enforcement, local authorities, and the community are crucial in navigating this crisis and ensuring that justice is served.