The Kebbi Government Officials in Mecca have successfully rescued at least three missing Nigerian pilgrims. According to ThePaan, these KGOs are pilgrims sponsored by the state government to undertake Hajj and provide assistance to fellow pilgrims as needed.

During a statement in Mecca on Tuesday, Nasir Idris, one of the KGOs and the Executive Director of Women’s Right Advancement and Protection Alternative (WRAPA) in Kebbi, mentioned that they had rescued a woman from Kamba Local Government Area.

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He explained that the woman inadvertently strayed from her route back home and ended up beyond the Al-Masjid Al-Haram (Kaaba), entering a different area. He stated that As KGOs, it was their responsibility to step in and guide her back home by helping her arrange a taxi service.

Highlighting the roles of the KGOs, Idris mentioned that they occasionally provide translation assistance and act as intermediaries to bridge the language gap.

Idris mentioned that they also provide valuable recommendations to committees to ensure the smooth running of the Hajj pilgrimage. He emphasized that the KGOs’ activities extend beyond Kebbi State, as they assist all Nigerian pilgrims whenever help is required.

Idris mentioned that they recently assisted two women from Bauchi State who had trouble finding their hotel. They were safely guided to their accommodations without any issues all thank to the KGOs

The CEO affirmed that the humanitarian aid provided by the KGOs will continue throughout the entire Hajj operation.

Idris made a plea for increased support and collaboration from the pilgrims to guarantee a successful Hajj pilgrimage.

He advised the pilgrims to stick together in groups to prevent getting lost and ensure they stay on the right path.