A heavy rainstorm swept through Ogun State today, May 31, 2024, causing significant damage and leaving many residents in shock. Among the hardest-hit areas was Ijoko, where the intense downpour and strong winds tore the roof off a commercial building on Broad Street.

Witnesses reported that the rain began in the early hours of today, quickly escalating into a fierce storm. The roof of the three-story building, which houses several shops and offices, was ripped off by the powerful winds, scattering debris across the street and nearby properties.

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State Fire Service responded promptly to the scene. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, as most occupants had vacated the premises earlier due to the storm.

However, significant property damage was evident, with water seeping into the building and affecting goods and equipment.

Local authorities have urged residents to remain indoors and take precautions during such severe weather conditions.
In the meantime, cleanup efforts are ongoing as the community comes together to recover from this unexpected disaster.