Former member of the House of Representatives, Mark Gbillah, has called on lawmakers to release the outcome of the investigation conducted by the House of Reps regarding the faulty presidential jet.

Gbillah, who previously chaired the investigating committee for crude oil theft, emphasized the importance of transparency in this matter.

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During a recent Interview, Gbillah suggested that the issue with the presidential jet could potentially be attributed to inadequate maintenance, highlighting that the aircraft’s lifespan is still within acceptable limits.

He urged the National Assembly to make the investigation findings public and even consider consulting external aviation experts to provide a comprehensive assessment of the condition of the presidential fleet.

Gbillah emphasized that it is not an appropriate time for the Nigerian government to invest in a new presidential jet, particularly when the living conditions in the country are deteriorating.

He stressed the importance of utilizing the expertise of professionals in the aviation industry and suggested that the incident during President’s trip to Paris, which prevented him from reaching Saudi Arabia, may not necessarily indicate a fault with the aircraft, but rather a potential oversight or lack of maintenance.

In light of these concerns, Gbillah urged the government to prioritize transparency and accountability by disclosing the investigation report.

He emphasized that it is essential for the public to be informed about the findings and be assured that appropriate measures will be taken to maintain the presidential fleet.

This call for transparency highlights the significance of upholding integrity and responsible governance in Nigeria, ensuring that the resources of the nation are utilized judiciously for the betterment of its citizens.