The 2025 appropriations bill, according to President Bola Tinubu, would soon be available for the National Assembly to consider.

When the president spoke before the national assembly’s joint session to commemorate the country’s 25 years of continuous democracy, he revealed this in Abuja.

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“This is just for your information; I will present the 2025 appropriations bill to you shortly,” he said.

He implored the national assembly to preserve its current democratic experience rather than jeopardize it.

“We can’t jeopardize our democracy. “We have to establish this country to ensure our great-grandchildren’s prosperity and advancement in the future,” he stated.

Nigerians have had uninterrupted democracy for 25 years, the president said.
“I come to say with all due respect, thank you for building this nation and the institution on this platform.”You have been in the forefront of this and are first and foremost a leader who speaks for our people.

“This sacred chamber institution symbolizes our awareness of liberty and feeling of inclusion,” he remarked.

The legislator, according to him, simply played the most recent version of the national song, “Nigeria, we hail thee,” adding, “This is our diversity, representing all cradles and how we play together to be brothers and sisters.”I doubt I would have found my way to the presidency that I began earlier without this mansion.

That’s the reason I appreciate you so much, so please keep cooperating and working together,” he urged.

The president urged the legislators to collaborate in order to strengthen the country, stating that no amount of foreign aid would be helpful in doing so.

This should not only be about you, but also about paving a new route for the populace and the next generation.

Godswill Akpabio, the Senate President, responded, saying, “We will be expecting the 2025 appropriation as soon as possible.”

Members will henceforth address themselves as brothers, according to Akpabio, saying, “so today we say Nigeria, we hail thee.”

“This sacred chamber institution symbolizes our awareness of liberty and sense of community,”

He declared that the National Assembly was the best venue to look up the history of the country.

“On June 12, we are excited to celebrate Democracy Day. We’ll accept your choice on how to celebrate with us. stated Akpabio.

Speaker of the House of Representatives Rep. Tajudeen Abbas also spoke, calling Tinubu the party’s leader and a real democrat.

“I would like you to know that the NASS is quite pleased with your work and we are appreciative of our connection. It has benefited both parties equally.

We pledge to work with you and support your admirable goals at all times. We appreciate you bringing back our childhood national anthem.

“You’ll see why we have to bring it back, line by line, by the time we sing it,” he remarked.