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Mr Sampson Amoateng, General Overseer of House of Miracles Ministries, has recommended that churches adopt the scriptural practice of paying tithes voluntarily rather than by coercion.

Amoateng, who made the appeal in a statement on Wednesday, noted that tithing is a biblical practice that involves contributing a percentage of one’s salary to religious organizations and the community.

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Tithing and offering, he believes, are biblical practices that should be done at one’s own free choice rather than by coercion.

“The notion of tithing is based on biblical teachings from the Old and New Testaments, namely Deuteronomy 14, Matthew 6, and Malachi 3:10.

“I am opposed to pastors or churches requiring individuals to record their tithing cards, claiming,’my money is mine.

“It is carnal to record tithing cards. “Tithing is a spiritual discipline that requires faith, trust, and obedience,” he explained.

According to Amoateng, tithing expresses our thankfulness for God’s benefits and provision, as well as our faith in His capacity to meet our needs.

“Tithing has practical benefits; it helps to support the church and ministries, allowing for the spread of the gospel and the care of the poor and needy,” he stated.

According to Amoateng, tithing develops a feeling of community and shared responsibility among Christians as they collaborate to support the church’s mission.

He explained that by doing so, people would not only glorify God but also help to create His kingdom on earth.

Amoateng, who is headquartered in Accra, Ghana, exhorted people to commit to God’s mission and follow His instructions.