In a formal tone and article-like style, the Chief of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Olukayode Ariwoola, expressed deep concern over the behavior of certain judges who have continuously issued misleading and conflicting judgments, bringing mockery to the nation’s judicial system.

However, Justice Ariwoola assured the public that punitive measures have been initiated to hold these errant judges accountable for their reprehensible conduct.

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During the inauguration ceremony of 34 judicial officers, comprising 22 Justices of the Court of Appeal and 12 Judges of the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), the CJN admonished all judicial officers to prioritize delivering unbiased judgments devoid of sentiments, emotions, or any clandestine considerations.

Justice Ariwoola strongly criticized the conduct of these errant judges, stating, “We have been subjected to an unpleasant mix of misleading and conflicting judgments, as well as frivolous interlocutory orders from courts of similar jurisdictions. This not only undermines our judicial system but also desecrates the sacred Temple of Justice.”

He further emphasized that numerous cases of such misconduct exist throughout the country, which is a significant embarrassment to the nation’s legal framework.

Justice Ariwoola affirmed that punitive measures will be taken against these judges to ensure their actions are met with appropriate consequences.

“As Judicial Officers, we must constantly remind ourselves that our positions are not for personal gain but to serve the Nigerian masses.

The best way to serve them is by ensuring they feel secure in our hands and can trust us to consistently deliver fair judgments untainted by any biases or hidden agendas.”

The CJN highlighted the current challenging times, manifested by a surge in litigation due to various crimes being committed in the country. This surge in litigation affects all courts, necessitating the urgent need for swift action.

Justice Ariwoola stressed the responsibility of the newly inaugurated justices, urging them to be prepared to face these challenges head-on.

He emphasized the importance of discharging their divine mandate with honesty and sincerity, demonstrating their worthiness of elevation to the Court of Appeal.

With upcoming governorship elections in Edo and Ondo States, the CJN reminded the justices that the courts will be inundated with numerous petitions.

It is their duty to hear all matters and adjudicate based on the laws of the land. Justice Ariwoola urged them not to falter or tread the path of infamy, emphasizing the importance of applying the law and upholding the constitution to earn the respect and trust of the Nigerian citizens.

The CJN concluded by highlighting the unique opportunity for the newly inaugurated justices to make a positive impact, rectifying any previous wrongdoing or misapplication of discretion.

He urged them to be mindful of the public’s heightened confidence in them and to discharge their judicial duties impartially, with transparency and discretion.

In a significant development, the CJN’s daughter-in-law, Ariwoola Oluwakemi Victoria, and the daughter of the FCT Minister, Lesley Nkesi Belema Wike, are among the 12 judges set to be sworn in as new judicial officers.