Kaduna Assembly Report Confirms Shehu Sani’s Warnings of Financial Mismanagement. Former Senator Shehu Sani has welcomed the recent report by the Kaduna State House of Assembly, which indicts former Governor Nasir el-Rufai of a N423 billion financial scandal.

Kaduna Assembly Report Exposes El-Rufai’s Alleged Financial Misconduct

Sani, a human rights activist, claims the findings vindicate his long-standing criticisms of El-Rufai’s administration, which he alleges systematically looted public funds.

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Despite facing persecution and attempts on his life, Sani remained steadfast in his opposition, while other politicians were intimidated into silence.

The report alleges that El-Rufai and his associates siphoned off state funds, misused loans, and engaged in money laundering, confirming Sani’s warnings over the years.

Reverend Joseph Hayab, former chairman of the Kaduna chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), also praised the lawmakers’ investigation, expressing dismay over the findings and lamenting the vast sums of money unaccounted for.

Hayab criticized the former administration’s disregard for the state’s populace, now burdened with debts incurred under the guise of improving their lives.

Both Sani and Hayab highlighted the role of sycophancy in perpetuating such issues, noting that praise-singing for leaders with questionable integrity only exacerbates societal problems.

They lamented that many young, educated individuals engage in flattery to secure personal benefits instead of advocating for accountability.

The outcome of the investigations and any subsequent actions will likely have lasting implications for the state’s political landscape, underscoring broader concerns about governance, accountability, and integrity in Kaduna State.