The Katsina State Government has raised concerns regarding the absence of several District Heads at the 2024 Eid-el-Kabeer Sallah Durbar, which took place on June 16 and 17, 2024. This concern was formally communicated through a query letter addressed to the Emirate Council.

The letter, signed by Rabiu Jibia, the Director of Administration and Supply in the Governor’s Office, was dated June 27, 2024. It referenced an earlier letter from the Emirate Council dated June 7, 2024, and requested an explanation for the non-participation of some District Heads in the significant cultural event.

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The query underscores the importance the government places on the presence of District Heads at official and cultural ceremonies. The letter directed the Emirate Council to provide detailed reasons for the absence of these officials, emphasizing the need for accountability and adherence to cultural traditions.

In response to inquiries from news reporters, Alhaji Iro Bindawa, the Spokesman for the Katsina Emirate Council, clarified the situation. He emphasized that the query was specifically addressed to the District Heads who failed to attend the Durbar, rather than to the Emir or the Emirate Council as a whole. Bindawa recalled a previous warning from the governor during the Eid-el-Fitr Durbar, stressing that District Heads are expected to attend such events without excuse, especially when the Emir is in attendance.

“It’s unfortunate that only 27 District Heads participated in this year’s Eid-el-Kabeer Sallah Durbar,” Bindawa remarked. He noted that the government’s query was a direct result of this low turnout, compelling the Emirate Council to seek explanations from the absent District Heads. He reiterated that the letter was intended for the District Heads who were not present, highlighting the need for them to justify their absence.

The significance of the Durbar cannot be overstated, as it is a vital cultural event that showcases the rich heritage and traditions of Katsina. The attendance of District Heads is not only a matter of protocol but also a demonstration of unity and respect for the Emirate’s customs.

The Katsina Emirate Council, which comprises 44 District Heads, saw only 27 in attendance at the Eid-el-Kabeer Sallah Durbar. This notable absenteeism has prompted the government to take action, ensuring that future events see full participation from all District Heads.

This situation highlights the ongoing dialogue between the state government and traditional institutions in Katsina, aiming to preserve cultural values and ensure active participation in significant cultural ceremonies. The outcome of this query and the responses from the District Heads will likely shape future expectations and participation in such events.