Gladys Jonathan Yemi, a young Nigerian woman who recently graduated from university, has tragically passed away. Her father had been kidnapped and killed despite the family paying a ransom.

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Prince Bawa, a family member living in Abuja, shared the heartbreaking news on Facebook on Tuesday, May 29, 2024.

In his emotional post, Prince Bawa expressed the deep sorrow and loss felt by the family. He recounted the devastating events that had already taken a toll on the family, particularly Gladys’ mother, who had hoped her daughter’s graduation would bring some joy and relief.

“Sister, why did you leave us with such pain?” he wrote. “Your father was kidnapped and killed even after we paid the ransom. I believe your mother was hoping you would help ease her sorrow as the only daughter in the family. But now, we are left in even more pain at your young age. If you meet my uncle, your father, please tell him we miss you both. Rest in peace, Sister Gladys.”

Gladys’ death is a significant blow to her family, especially after the trauma of losing her father in such a brutal manner. Her passing so soon after her graduation adds to the family’s grief, leaving them to mourn the loss of a young life filled with promise.