On Friday, June 7, approximately 30 travelers, including students from Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa, were reportedly abducted by suspected kidnappers on the Abuja-Nasarawa Highway, sending shockwaves through the local community and raising concerns about the rising insecurity in the region.

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The incident occurred when kidnappers ambushed vehicles in transit, emerging from the surrounding bush in the Uke area of Nasarawa State. The attack caused chaos as the kidnappers, armed and aggressive, stopped the vehicles and forced the passengers into the dense bush. One of the bus drivers managed to escape the assault and promptly alerted the local police, ensuring that authorities were immediately informed of the dire situation.

A source told Thepaan, “Around 30 individuals were kidnapped between Nasarawa and Abuja on Friday. The kidnappers intercepted two buses and took the passengers into the nearby bush in the Uke area of Nasarawa State. Among the abducted was an HND student from Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa, returning to Abuja to reunite with her family.” This incident has left families and friends of the victims in deep distress, uncertain of the fate of their loved ones.

The driver who evaded capture later returned to his vehicle, gathered some belongings including a phone belonging to one of the abducted passengers, and reported the kidnapping to the Uke police station. This crucial piece of evidence, the phone, might provide valuable information for the investigation, potentially offering leads on the kidnappers’ identities and whereabouts.

Local authorities have launched a manhunt for the perpetrators, deploying additional security forces to the area. The police, working in conjunction with community vigilantes and other security agencies, are conducting extensive search operations in the surrounding bushland. However, the dense terrain and the element of surprise the kidnappers hold are significant challenges.

The abductions have sparked an outcry from the public, with many calling for increased security measures on major highways and a more proactive approach to tackling the growing threat of kidnappings. The incident underscores the urgent need for comprehensive security reforms and better protection for citizens traveling within the region.

Local leaders and government officials have condemned the act, urging the police and other security agencies to intensify their efforts to rescue the abducted individuals and bring the kidnappers to justice. Meanwhile, the affected families are appealing for support and prayers from the community, hoping for the safe return of their loved ones.




Victoria Ibiama