In a passionate appeal, former Minister of Information, Labaran Maku, implored Nigerians to place their trust in President Bola Tinubu for the effective management of the nation’s economy.

Maku expressed full confidence in Tinubu’s ability to lead the country towards economic stability and growth, emphasizing the utmost importance of unity and inclusive governance.

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Speaking with journalists after receiving the honorary fellow of the Nigeria Institute of Public Relations in Abuja, Maku made a heartfelt plea to his fellow countrymen. He stressed that unity in policies, power sharing, and appointments, along with acknowledging and valuing every part of the nation, would foster peace and unity.

Maku underscored the vital role of honest resource management in sustaining democracy for the benefit of future generations. Reflecting on the challenges he faced during his tenure as Minister of Defence, Maku expressed unwavering optimism about Tinubu’s leadership, particularly in the management of the country’s economy.

“As the former Minister of Information, I am well aware of the difficulties we encounter. However, I firmly believe that under the current dispensation, we can expect a proper and effective management of our economy. This is something we desperately need,” Maku affirmed.

Highlighting Tinubu’s commitment to democracy and governance, Maku commended the President for his sacrifices in the pursuit of a democratic dispensation. He called on Tinubu to prioritize the review and implementation of economic policies that would bring relief to the Nigerian people, acknowledging the challenges they face.