Kenneth Okonkwo, a prominent member of the Labour Party (LP), expressed his perplexity towards the All Progressives Congress (APC) and its handling of issues in Nigeria.

In particular, he voiced his confusion in response to the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC)’s demand for a new minimum wage.

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During an interview with Vanguard, the barrister lamented the consistent mismanagement that has plagued President Bola Tinubu’s administration. Okonkwo urged the president to address the NLC’s demand and find a solution that is fair and just.

His bewilderment stemmed from the government’s assertion that the NLC’s demands were unaffordable. In Okonkwo’s view, the NLC’s request for a ₦250,000 minimum wage was both reasonable and objective.

He remarked, “The NLC is not responsible for the policies that have caused hardship in Nigeria. Our country possesses the resources and capable individuals, but we are burdened with inept and corrupt leaders.

The NLC and its hardworking members should not bear the brunt of these missteps. How can elected government officials amass vast wealth while NLC members toil for years?”

Okonkwo further criticized the government’s inclination to tamper with the pension fund, suggesting that it was a consequence of their reckless borrowing and squandering of public funds.

He asserted that the NLC’s demand was a fair reflection of the prevailing circumstances. If the government claimed it was unaffordable, they should present a reasonable alternative.

Calling for a change in government policies, Okonkwo emphasized the need for prioritizing the security and welfare of the people over self-interest and greed. He expressed disappointment at the government’s misplaced focus, stating, “While people’s houses are burning, the government is busy chasing trivial matters.

They talk about buying presidential jets while removing subsidies. Is this what they promised Nigerians? To spend billions on luxuries instead of uplifting the lives of the people?”

Okonkwo highlighted various instances of extravagant spending by the government, including the purchase of a presidential jet, construction of a car park for national assembly members, and the allocation of funds for a new house for the Vice President.

He criticized the government’s incomprehensible decision-making, such as setting a minimum wage of NGN62,000 while spending exorbitant amounts on personal expenses.

In conclusion, Okonkwo called for accountability, policy change, and a shift towards prioritizing the well-being of the country over personal gain. He underscored the need for a government that is transparent, responsible, and aligned with the aspirations of the Nigerian people.