The Lagos State Government has announced that the draft report on the review of the Badagry Master Plan will be made available for public scrutiny for a period of 28 working days.

This was disclosed by Mr. Oluwole Sotire, the Permanent Secretary of the Office of Physical Planning, in a statement released on Sunday in Lagos.

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The statement, issued by Mr. Mukaila Sanusi, Deputy Director of the Public Affairs Unit, emphasizes the importance of stakeholder feedback in the planning process.

According to Mr. Sotire, the Draft Report on the Review of Badagry Master Plan (2022-2024) will be open for public inspection from June 19 to July 26.

He highlighted that this initiative aims to ensure the plan is inclusive and reflective of the community’s needs.

“Subjecting the draft report to public scrutiny is part of the acclaimed process of preparing an inclusive plan, which is also in tandem with the state’s culture of citizens’ participation in the preparation of physical development plans,” said Mr. Sotire.

The inspection venues include 13 locations such as the local government and local council development area secretariats within the Badagry Division.

Additionally, local planning offices within the division, the Lagos State Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development Secretariat in Alausa, and the Headquarters of the Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority at GRA, Ikeja, will also serve as inspection points.

Mr. Sotire noted that to enhance public participation, the 28-day inspection period will be followed by a final stakeholders meeting on August 8 at the LASU Main Auditorium in Ojo.

The review is necessary as the original master plan has been in place for 20 years and requires updates to align with current conditions and future goals.

The updated plan aims to leverage Badagry’s unique historical significance, cultural heritage, and natural environment. It prioritizes environmentally-friendly development practices to ensure long-term sustainability.

“The goal is to create economic and social development in Badagry that can be maintained over time,” Mr. Sotire added.

The plan includes initiatives to improve the overall quality of life in Badagry through job creation, infrastructure development, and enhanced access to social services.

Additionally, it seeks to make Badagry an attractive location for investment, potentially bringing in more economic opportunities.

This review process underscores the government’s commitment to inclusive planning and sustainable development, ensuring that the future growth of Badagry aligns with the aspirations and needs of its residents.