In a bid to improve traffic flow and maintain order in motor parks across Lagos State, the government has reconstituted and inaugurated the Removal of Abandoned Vehicles and Park Monitoring Committees. This initiative is part of a broader effort to ensure smoother traffic and orderly conduct within motor parks, as stated by Bolanle Ogunlola, a Deputy Director of Public Affairs at the Lagos State Ministry of Transportation, in a press release on Friday.

The inauguration ceremony saw the Special Adviser to the Governor on Transportation, Sola Giwa, outline the critical responsibilities of the Removal of Abandoned Vehicles Committee. He emphasized that the committee’s main task is to promptly remove all abandoned vehicles that obstruct traffic and pose security threats throughout the metropolis. This proactive measure is aimed at curbing the use of such vehicles by criminals and enhancing the overall security within the city.

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Giwa further elaborated on the committee’s broader mandate, which includes ensuring orderliness in motor parks, preventing the sale and use of alcohol and other illicit substances within these areas, and cracking down on illegal parks and unauthorized commuter operations. These actions are part of the state’s comprehensive strategy to enforce the Transport Sector Reform Law (TSRL) of 2018, which seeks to streamline transportation systems, reduce congestion, and improve safety on Lagos roads.

“The Lagos State Government is steadfast in its resolve to ensure the free flow of traffic and the safety of lives and property,” Giwa stated. He declared that the committee’s activities would significantly reduce traffic congestion, facilitate the free movement of motorists, and create a safer environment by removing potential hideouts for criminals. Additionally, these efforts are expected to bolster the ease of doing business in Lagos by creating a more efficient and reliable transportation network.

Giwa also took the opportunity to address the newly appointed committee members, urging them to view their roles as a service to the state and its citizens. He warned against any form of misconduct that could tarnish the government’s reputation, emphasizing that any irresponsible actions would be met with stringent consequences. This caution underscores the administration’s commitment to integrity and accountability in public service.

In his remarks, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transportation, Olawale Musa, emphasized the  importance of adhering strictly to the rules and regulations governing the committee’s operations. He assured the members that they would be provided with all necessary tools and support to enhance their performance. Musa’s comments highlight the administration’s dedication to equipping its officials with the resources needed to execute their duties effectively.

The reconstitution of these committees is a clear indication of the Lagos State Government’s proactive approach to addressing urban challenges. By focusing on the removal of abandoned vehicles and ensuring order in motor parks, the administration aims to tackle some of the root causes of traffic congestion and insecurity. This initiative is expected to contribute to a more organized and safer environment for both residents and visitors in Lagos.

Moreover, the government’s emphasis on preventing the sale and use of alcohol and illicit substances within motor parks reflects its commitment to promoting public health and safety. These parks, often bustling hubs of activity, can become hotspots for various forms of misconduct if not properly regulated. The committee’s role in monitoring and maintaining order in these areas is therefore crucial to the overall well-being of the community.

In conclusion, the Lagos State Government’s initiative to reconstitute and inaugurate the Removal of Abandoned Vehicles and Park Monitoring Committees represents a significant step towards improving urban management and enhancing the quality of life in the state. By addressing traffic congestion, enhancing security, and ensuring orderliness in motor park.,

The administration is taking concrete measures to create a more efficient, safe, and livable city. The success of this initiative will depend on the dedication and integrity of the committee members, who are now entrusted with the important task of implementing these vital changes.