The Lagos State Government has taken a commendable step by approving the payment of a 13th-month salary to the dedicated Emergency Flood Abatement Gang (EFAG).

This decision reflects the government’s recognition of EFAG’s outstanding service in addressing the perennial issue of flooding in the state.

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During a recent meeting with the EFAG operatives, the Commissioner for Environment, Tokunbo Wahab, expressed his appreciation for their tireless efforts and urged them to continue their commitment to delivering improved service. Wahab emphasized the importance of their work in ensuring a flood-free Lagos.

The government acknowledged EFAG’s hard work in clearing secondary drains and manholes across all 57 local government areas and local council development areas of the state.

Their efforts in preventing flash flooding were also recognized. The state government reaffirmed its commitment to providing the necessary logistics and support to enable EFAG to carry out their duties effectively.

In addition to financial incentives, the government has implemented an extensive healthcare system managed by the Lagos State Health Management Agency to cater to the well-being of EFAG officials. This move highlights the government’s commitment to the welfare of these dedicated individuals.

Wahab credited EFAG’s efforts as a key factor in the recent reduction of flooding incidents in Lagos. The collaboration between government agencies, along with the dedication of EFAG officials, has contributed to this success.

The Permanent Secretary, Office of Drainage Services, Mahamood Adegbite, also acknowledged the instrumental role played by EFAG in mitigating flooding.

Expressing their gratitude, Bukonla Meadows, a member of EFAG and Area Manager for Surulere, thanked the government for its continuous support, which has enabled them to effectively carry out their duties.

The recent incident where EFAG swiftly responded to a flooded Freedom Way Junction in Lekki, prompted by a social media alert, stands as a testament to the effectiveness of the government’s measures in addressing flooding issues.

The Lagos State Government’s approval of special incentives for EFAG showcases its commitment to recognizing and rewarding the exceptional efforts of these dedicated individuals.

With their continued dedication and support from the government, Lagos is on a path towards a future with reduced flooding incidents.