Alex Egbona, who represents the Abi/Yakurr federal constituency of Cross River State and chairs the House of Representatives Committee on Specialty Health Care, urged Professor Sunday Etukudoh, the provost of the Federal College of Medical Laboratory Science Technology (FCMLST) in Jos, to seek help from Plateau State’s governor, Caleb Mutfwang. This appeal was made during Egbona’s visit to the college, which is located in Lamingo, Jos, to inspect its facilities.

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During his visit, Egbona toured the college and saw various impressive projects, including the molecular and basic science laboratories. He praised Professor Etukudoh for his hard work and dedication. However, Egbona also pointed out a major issue: the college suffers from a lack of funds. This financial shortfall has made it difficult to improve necessary infrastructure, especially the road leading to the college.

Egbona passionately suggested that Professor Etukudoh should work with the Plateau State Government to address this issue. He reminded everyone of how the state government had previously helped the National Orthopedic Hospital at the old Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) by building roads. Egbona believed that a similar collaboration could help the FCMLST as well.

Professor Etukudoh had already explained to the committee the struggles the college faces in building this road. Every year, the college attempts to grade the road, but the seasonal rains wash away their efforts, leaving the road in poor condition again. This cycle repeats due to the lack of sufficient funds. The professor’s account highlighted the persistent challenge the college faces and its impact on the institution’s progress.

Egbona stressed that building a proper road would not only make it easier for people to access the college but also bring many other benefits. A good road would attract more students and staff, improve safety, and enhance the overall reputation of the college. This, in turn, could lead to more resources and support, further advancing the college’s mission to provide quality education and healthcare.

Egbona’s call to action was more than just a suggestion; it was a strong appeal for teamwork between the college and the state government. He emphasized the importance of working together to overcome obstacles and achieve shared goals. The idea was to build a future where the FCMLST could thrive and continue to contribute to the community.

The actions of Professor Etukudoh, Governor Mutfwang, and other key figures will determine the next steps.




Victoria Ibiama