Paul Gowon Haruna, a distinguished figure serving as the elected member representing the Bassa/Dekina Federal constituency in the 10th National Assembly, has undertaken a commendable initiative aimed at enhancing the welfare of his constituents. In a gesture of community development and service, Haruna has spearheaded the construction of a traditional well, designed to provide access to clean and safe water for residents within his constituency.

As a seasoned politician affiliated with the ruling All Progressives Congress and boasting prior experience as a member of the esteemed Kogi State House of Assembly, Haruna’s commitment to public service is evident in his choice of constituency project. Recognizing the fundamental importance of reliable access to potable water in ensuring the health and well-being of his constituents, Haruna embarked on this endeavor to address a pressing need within the community.

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While the construction of the traditional well represents a tangible effort to improve living conditions and promote sustainable development, it has not been without its critics. Some residents within the Bassa/Dekina Federal constituency have voiced their dissatisfaction with the project, questioning its adequacy in meeting the evolving needs of the community.

One disillusioned constituent, speaking candidly to reporters, expressed disappointment, stating, “This is a project from a House of Representatives member representing Dekina/Bassa Federal constituency, what a shame, not even a mechanized hand pump.” Such sentiments underscore the heightened expectations placed upon elected officials to deliver impactful and transformative initiatives that address the prevailing challenges faced by their constituents.

Similarly, another resident lamented the perceived lack of ambition in the project, remarking, “It’s glaring these politicians don’t rate us, a federal lawmaker constructing well and celebrating it as an achievement.” This sentiment reflects a broader sentiment of disillusionment with the perceived disconnect between political rhetoric and tangible action in addressing the pressing needs of communities.