In a fervent call to action, Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, has implored the media to refrain from providing platforms that inadvertently amplify acts of terrorism.

Recognizing the potential unintended consequences, Idris emphasized that such publicity could embolden terrorists and dampen the morale of security forces.

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During the opening of a two-day training workshop for Defence Correspondents, themed “Effective Reporting Towards Strengthening Alternatives to Terrorist Ideology,” organized by the National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) in collaboration with the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution, Idris shared his concerns.

Rabiu Ibrahim, Special Assistant (Media) to the Minister of Information and National Orientation, conveyed Idris’ statements in a release.

Idris emphasized the critical role of understanding that terrorists wage not only a physical war but also a psychological one.

Expressing bewilderment, he voiced his dismay at times when media managers inadvertently promote the activities of these terrorists. He stressed that without propaganda, terrorism would not thrive.

The Minister urged the media to exercise caution and responsibility in their reporting, emphasizing the importance of not presenting terrorists as heroic figures fighting for a social cause.

He highlighted that terrorism extends beyond a physical threat, encompassing an ideological battle that exploits vulnerabilities, spreads fear, and propagates messages to garner support.

Idris underscored the necessity of countering these narratives by offering compelling, positive alternatives that resonate with the audiences targeted by terrorists. In this endeavor, he recognized the pivotal role that responsible reporting plays.

Idris further emphasized the damaging effects of sensational reporting, misinformation, and fake news, noting that they can be as harmful as the terrorist acts themselves.

He urged the media to avoid such practices at all costs, emphasizing the need for accuracy and responsible journalism in the fight against terrorism.