The Minister of State for Environment, Dr. Isiaq Salako, has called on cookstove manufacturers to align their operations with the Federal Ministry of Environment’s priorities and President Bola Tinubu’s ambitious agenda for a cleaner and healthier environment.

During his visit to Kano, Dr. Salako toured two cookstove manufacturing companies, Burn Stoves Nigeria Limited and Atmosfair, accompanied by the Kano State Commissioner of Environment, Nasiru Garo.

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Impressed by their innovative approaches and commitment to sustainable development, Dr. Salako commended Burn Manufacturing Company for its remarkable efforts in providing clean cooking solutions and reducing environmental pollution through energy-efficient and solar-powered cookstoves.

He emphasized how the company’s dedication to clean cooking solutions and sustainable energy perfectly aligns with the Ministry’s priorities and the national agenda for a cleaner and healthier environment.

Dr. Salako recognized the potential of their innovative technology to transform lives and communities across Nigeria.

Encouraging the companies to maximize the use of local materials, Dr. Salako urged them to ensure the affordability and accessibility of their stoves nationwide.

He also advised them to enhance production, maintain detailed records of the quantity of stoves produced and distributed, and invest in training programs to reduce unemployment.

Furthermore, Dr. Salako suggested exploring the utilization of solar energy for cookstoves as a means to prevent deforestation and further protect the environment.

During the visit to the Burn factory, Oluwayemisi Adekunle, Government and External Affairs Lead for West Africa, shared the company’s goal of distributing approximately five million stoves throughout Nigeria.

She highlighted the significant impact they have already made, improving the lives of 2.4 million individuals. Adekunle also mentioned that Burn Manufacturing Company employs 3,500 people in Kano alone, with half of them being women.

Highlighting the exceptional features of Burn’s stoves, Adekunle stated that they are the world’s most fuel-efficient natural-draft wood stoves, with 51% thermal efficiency and 81% fewer emissions.

Dr. Salako requested the manufacturers to submit detailed proposals on potential collaborations with the Ministry and encouraged them to continue their efforts towards sustainable development and environmental protection.

In addition, the Minister met with Governor Abba Yusuf at the Government House in Kano to discuss his visit and explore opportunities for collaboration to enhance environmental sustainability in the state.

It is worth mentioning that the Minister recently advocated for the adoption of biogas as an alternative energy source for domestic cooking, particularly in rural areas.

He emphasized that this transition would reduce reliance on charcoal, thus preserving the ecosystem, promoting human health, and mitigating deforestation caused by charcoal production.

Dr. Salako emphasized the environmental and health benefits of biogas, highlighting its ability to provide quick heat for cooking while being environmentally friendly, even in enclosed spaces, unlike charcoal.