MTN Nigeria has launched its 17th Y’ello Care initiative, a flagship employee volunteer program aimed at addressing educational disparities in rural and remote communities. This year’s theme, “Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow,” aligns with MTN’s 30th anniversary and seeks to provide access to quality education for young Nigerians.

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Over the next 30 days, MTN staff will rebuild classrooms, support education initiatives, and empower students in underserved areas. The initiative will benefit 996 students at Iwerekun Community High School in Lagos, among others. MTN Nigeria’s Chief Corporate Services & Sustainability Officer, Tobe Okigbo, emphasized the company’s commitment to making a lasting impact on education in Nigeria.

The initiative seeks to bridge the educational divide and empower young people to reach their full potential. Education is a powerful tool for change, and MTN Nigeria recognizes its transformative power. The company is committed to providing access to quality education for all, regardless of location or circumstance.

The initiative is particularly crucial in Africa, where educational disparities continue to hinder progress. According to UNESCO, over one-fifth of children aged 6 to 11 in sub-Saharan Africa are out of school, representing the highest rate of educational exclusion globally. In Nigeria, the situation mirrors these broader trends, with many children in rural and remote areas facing obstacles to quality education.

MTN Nigeria’s Y’ello Care initiative is a step in the right direction, uniting thousands of employees in a shared mission to make a lasting impact on educational access and quality. The company remains committed to creating value through initiatives that seek to provide sustainable growth and job creation in the communities they serve.

MTN Nigeria’s Y’ello Care initiative is a commendable effort to bridge the educational divide in Nigeria. By providing access to quality education, MTN is empowering young people to reach their full potential and shape their futures. This commitment to education is crucial for Nigeria’s progress and a testament to MTN’s dedication to making a positive impact in the communities they serve.