The Nigerian Army has vehemently denied accusations circulating in various media outlets that it is enlisting foreign terrorists, commonly referred to as “fundamentalists and jihadists,” into its ranks.

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These allegations gained momentum when a controversial video went viral on social media. The video accused the Nigerian Army of recruiting terrorists, including those with links to ISIS and other international terrorist organizations. It further fueled existing rumors that the army has been enlisting bandits and Boko Haram members, creating a storm of fear and suspicion among the Nigerian populace.

In a robust response, Army spokesperson Onyema Nwachukwu condemned the video and the rumors, labeling them as malicious fabrications. He stated unequivocally that these claims do not reflect the true values and standards of the Nigerian Army. Nwachukwu, who holds the rank of Major-General, emphasized that the video was crafted with the intent to incite fear and anxiety among citizens, drive a wedge of mistrust among military personnel, and erode public confidence in the integrity of the Army.

In a statement released to journalists in Abuja, Major-General Nwachukwu highlighted the dedication of the Nigerian Army to maintaining professionalism and impartiality. He reassured the public that the institution remains free from ethnic and religious biases. “The Nigerian Army has always been, and will continue to be, an institution committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity and honor,” he declared.

The spokesperson’s rebuttal aims to quell the widespread panic and restore trust in the Army. The Nigerian Army’s leadership is determined to debunk these damaging rumors and focus on its mission to protect and serve the nation with unwavering dedication.